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Nik Cina Exir Company

Supplier of pharmaceutical products, natural products and nutritional supplements

We believe that all human beings deserve to promote health and improve their lives

history of the company

Nik Sina Elixir Pharmaceutical Company was established in December 2016 by activists from the country’s pharmaceutical industry who had a history of supplying raw materials, production, distribution and sale of pharmaceutical products, and after about 3 years of research activities, in 1399 its executive operations to create a The pharmaceutical company was started in accordance with the standards of the International Day.

In the first step, by preparing more than 20 files of pharmaceutical products, natural products and nutritional supplements, and then by registering and producing these products and increasing the number of products to more than 50 products in the next 3 years, it is hoped that this The company has a small share in providing the products needed to promote community health.


Although our day-to-day efforts have helped the company grow , there is still a long any to go to achieve the expected success,

Nik Cina Exir co. is on the 2025 at a company

  • Variety at products

    whit a variety at products including a variety at medicine , natunal product and supplements whit innovative formalations.

  • Continuous improvement

    whit methods at continous improvement in structures , processes and product.

  • Human resources

    capable and sustainable human resources have been created by pronoting knowldge and cultiveting specialzed and commited forces.

  • More Commiteds

    commited to stakeholders asin the pust.

  • The Places

    has a place in the health system.

  • Health Developer

    rele-playing in the sustainable developent thr country

  • improvement

    knowledge oriented and focused on improning the quality products to a higher level than internation standarels.

Our mission

Health as one of the divine blessings is the first human need and the basis of any development-oriented society.

At Nik Cina Exir, we believe that all human beings deserve to be healthy and to improve their lives.

So with this belief, we are committed to always offer products with the highest quality level by applying up-to-date knowledge.

We will always stick to innovation, hoping for a healthier society and a better tomorrow


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