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The amazing effect of mushroom consumption on reducing the risk of cancer

According to  field clinics,  group medical science Young Journalists Club quoted by the Daily Mail, according to new research, eating a mushroom average per day can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 45 percent.According to a new study, American researchers have linked higher consumption of mushrooms to a lower risk of cancer. According to this study, eating […]

Why do we have a fever?

According to field  clinics  Department of Medical Science Journalists Club quoted Health, although fever makes people feel sick and uncomfortable, but it represents the development of a disease. Fever can be caused by a wide range of topics. In some cases, this is not serious and will go away on its own over time. However, fever in some cases indicates a serious […]

What is the purpose of the National Blood Supply Network / Blood supply to thalassemia-prone provinces

The Deputy Minister of Technology and New Technologies of the Blood Transfusion Organization of Iran explained the importance of the national blood supply network as well as the problems of blood transfusion in the Corona pandemic.Referring to the importance of blood supply and blood products to meet the needs of hospitals, Saeed Mohammadi told Mehr : “The […]

Corona critical conditions in the country / cases for the second and third time

The head of the infectious department of Imam Khomeini Hospital, emphasizing that the coronary condition of the country is really critical, said: “We had people who were affected by this disease for the second and third time.”According to Mehr News Agency , Hamid Emadi, the difference between the symptoms of Corona and allergy spring, said symptoms Corona has not changed, but […]

Vitamin D deficiency has a negative effect on muscle function

Tehran – IRNA – The result of a study shows that a lack of vitamin D in the bloodstream has a negative effect on muscle function, especially in adults. Aging is associated with many changes in body composition, including decreased muscle mass, decreased bone mass and increased fat mass, and no reduction in body composition […]

New discovery by scientists; Why is the human brain so big?

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK say that by conducting biological studies, they have finally found out why the human brain is so large.Experiments on brain organoids (or brain-like protozoa that are actually small, artificial versions of the brain made in the laboratory) have shown that a molecular switch that was previously […]

The most effective treatment for children with high-risk leukemia

According to Mehr News AgencyLast year, a new method for treating cancer was launched at Mahak Pediatric Cancer Hospital. This procedure is called Total Body Irradiation (TBI = Total Body Irradiation), which clears the body of destructive cells and reduces immune reactions to prevent stem cell transplantation. Radiotherapy Total body radiotherapy also increases the rate of recovery in […]

Iran succeeds in producing “recombinant flu vaccine”

Last year, seasonal flu vaccines were supplied from other countries, but an Iranian knowledge-based company produced the vaccine using a recombinant protein, and after clinical studies, intends to produce 3 to 5 million doses.According to the social group of Tasnim news agency ; “After clinical studies, we intend to produce 3 to 5 million doses and meet the […]