Corona critical conditions in the country / cases for the second and third time

The head of the infectious department of Imam Khomeini Hospital, emphasizing that the coronary condition of the country is really critical, said: “We had people who were affected by this disease for the second and third time.”According to Mehr News Agency , Hamid Emadi, the difference between the symptoms of Corona and allergy spring, said symptoms Corona has not changed, but the incidence of corona English cause symptoms and evil, while patients, but easily could be symptoms of allergy diagnosis Dad.This infectious disease expert added that seasonal allergies runny nose, sneezing and coughing, but the disease corona with severe body aches, chills and fatigue and exhaustion along. Also, if the sense of smell and taste is lost, it is definitely corona . In general, coronary heart disease may initially present with symptoms similar to allergies, but it is not limited to those symptoms and subsequent symptoms develop in the patient.


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