Dr. Parisa Rahimi

Memory boosting supplements

Cytocholine is an essential mediator in the process of structural biosynthesis of cell membranes. It is used as a medicine in the treatment of Alzheimer’s and other forgetfulness, head trauma, cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, memory loss due to old age, Parkinson’s disease and glaucoma.

2- Cytocholine reduces the concentration of glutamate increases and increases the concentration of ATP decreases due to ischemia and increases glutamate uptake. Part of the neuroprotective effect of cytocholine after stroke is due to its ability to reduce glutamate levels in the brain. Alzheimer’s and stroke can be prevented by taking memory-boosting supplements containing citicoline.

3. Cytocholine has proven effects in reducing the complications of stroke and diseases associated with cerebrovascular damage. In the post-accident syndrome, in the disease of memory impairment and cognitive impairment acts by the mechanism of stimulation of phospholipid biosynthesis and thus cell membrane stabilization.

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