The common cold virus helps to fight Covid 19

A ccording to Mehr News Agency quoted in Medical News Today, studies show that the risk of the common cold coronavirus transmission in the population can prevent and reduce the severity of infection Kvvyd 19.Human nasal viruses (HRV), which cause more than half of the common cold, are the most widespread respiratory viruses in humans.Previous research has shown that HRVs may have prevented the spread of the H1N1 subtype of influenza virus across Europe during the 2009 flu outbreak.Researchers believe that HRVs do this by stimulating human cells to produce interferon, which is part of the body’s innate immune defenses against viral infections.Research has shown that coronavirus is sensitive to the effects of interferon.To find out, researchers at the University of Glasgow in the UK infected human respiratory cell cultures in the laboratory with coronavirus, HRV, or both at the same time.The researchers found that the coronavirus steadily multiplied in cells that the researchers had only infected with the virus. But in HRV-infected cells, the number of coronavirus particles decreased rapidly until they could not be detected until 48 hours after the initial infection.

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