The most effective treatment for children with high-risk leukemia

According to Mehr News AgencyLast year, a new method for treating cancer was launched at Mahak Pediatric Cancer Hospital. This procedure is called Total Body Irradiation (TBI = Total Body Irradiation), which clears the body of destructive cells and reduces immune reactions to prevent stem cell transplantation. Radiotherapy Total body radiotherapy also increases the rate of recovery in children at high risk for leukemia. At present, Mahak has been able to introduce this advanced technique for the first time in Iran and in order to standardize the treatment, in accordance with other countries, to the Iranian medical community and use it to treat children with cancer. For this reason, to get more information in this regard, we talked to Mitra Qalibafian, a radiotherapy specialist and the technical manager of the radiotherapy department of Mahak Pediatric Cancer Hospital.
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